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Mon - Sat: 5:45am - 6:25am

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About Meditation

The purpose of Zen practice is to settle into nonconceptual mind – our being prior to any description, labeling, judging – our conceptual mind- it is experiencing reality as it is, directly and functioning (living) it 24 hours a day. It is the manifestation of the completely mature human being.

 The Zen Center offers morning and evening meditation sessions (zazen), monthly weekend retreats,and talks on the Buddhist Sutras and past and present Buddhist teachers.

Zazen (meditation)

Zazen is allowing the mind to settle into the present moment. It is realizing the present moment contains the entire Universe. In reality, there are no separate things. Our conceptual mind creates the illusion of separateness by describing, labeling, judging objects and considers that description as reality. It is not the totality of a thing or what reality truly is. Zazen allows us to know the Universe prior to any description, which limits it. It allows us to experience “being” as the truth in the Universe, as reality – a knowing of reality through total communion, total merging or what we call Identity.

Functioning Zazen in your daily Life

Spiritual practice is not just done on your cushion. It must be manifested in your daily life. How you relate with your family, friends, your co-workers, the cashier at the Supermarket, and even how you cook your food is your practice. It is relating to everything as Buddha(the completely mature human being), part of you, and treating it with deepest respect.

Study of the Buddhist Teachings and past and present teachers

We have formal talks and discussion on the various Buddhist texts and teachings such as the Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Noble Path, The Blue Cliff Record, and Dogen Zenji  as well as other great teachers of the past and present.