Detroit St. Zen Center

650 S Cochran Ave #3, 

Los Angeles, California 90036, 

United States

Total Dynamic
Functioning Zen Temple

(323) 954-8945

About Detroit St. Zen Center

The purpose of Zen practice is to settle into nonconceptual mind – our being prior to any description, labeling, judging – our conceptual mind- it is experiencing reality as it is, directly and functioning (living) it 24 hours a day. It is the manifestation of the completely mature human being.

Meditation Schedule

Mon. - Fri.

5:45am zazen (meditation) 

6:25am zazen

7:40pm zazen

Tues. & Thurs.

Introductory classes at 7:40 pm


5:45am; 6:25am, (zazen)

8:00am oryoki (meditation style) breakfast

9:30am (zazen)

10:00am- talk

11 am – 2pm -tea and work

Every Month

Two Day Retreat (Sesshin) on the Third of Every Month


One week retreat at the beginning of December (Rohatsu sesshin- commemorating the Buddha’s enlightenment)